We will find you the best of the available or if you have someone specific in mind we can help with that as well.

We specialize in finding talent within the operations segment. If your title has COO, Operations, Supply Chain, Continuous Improvement, Sustainability, or similar words in the title then you are in the right place.

We believe that these titles indicate people who are directly responsible for generating or eliminating waste (cost) for your company and should be exceptionally qualified and talented. We use people who are experienced and educated in the specific position you are looking for to find these candidates. Yes, your C-Suite candidate will be vetted by someone with C-Suite experience. Your supply chain candidate will be vetted by someone with supply chain experience, supply chain education, or both.

What else makes us different than internal recruiters or typical recruiting companies? We only use computers to advertise the position, verify information, and collect applicant information. Everything else is done by a person.

Recruiting by the most economic means will result in obtaining exactly what you paid for. Relying on someone who does not have expert knowledge of the position will most likely result in a personality contest winner instead of talent. Using software or AI will result in whatever the programmer thinks will be best for you or whoever was lucky enough to include the right keywords on their resume.

Internal recruiters work with what they have and rely on industry-standard practices. External recruiters generally do not fully understand the position and simply want to get the best of the average in front of you for that shortlist payment. We want to find that outlier who has the experience, potential, and the natural ability to improve your company. And we do most of it manually with people who understand the position fully. Since we verify everything, no fake it till you make it from us.

We believe in our candidates so much that we will guarantee you will hire one and they will not quit or be terminated for cause within three years.

Are we the most economical choice? Ask us that again in three years.

Guarantee – If you do not hire one of our presented applicants then we will waive 50% of the shortlist charge. If any hired applicant presented by DCC quits or is terminated without cause within three years of the hiring date, we will refund 33.3% of our total billing for that applicant.

Ask your current recruiter what their guarantee is.