Seminars & Training

Lean Seminars – One-day onsite seminar to explain the concepts of lean and encourage the benefits of a unified proactive approach. Sometimes it is one overlooked or misunderstood topic that prevents millions of dollars in savings.


  • Lean history and how it applies to every business segment today
  • Explaining the commonly used Japanese terms
  • Explaining the primary lean methods
  • Project management methods like Six Sigma are compared and explained
  • Demonstrate how lean concepts work equally well in the office, hospital, manufacturing, or any other environment.
  • Continuous improvement
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Human Resources and personnel management
  • Lean Accounting
  • And More.

Training – Individual or group training in Lean Operations.

Promote from within or create an entire department of lean experts. A comprehensive study of lean and the departments that support it like Operations, Supply Chain, Accounting, Human Resources, and General Management. Including the concepts of Continuous Improvement, Sustainability, Lean Tools, Project Management (Six Sigma, PMBOK, PDCA, etc.), and others.

This training is a hybrid of onsite and online. For groups we will come to you and individual will be a combination of us to you and you to us. We train your people to fit your situation.

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