Davis Conway is a certified genius ranked in the 99th percentile through Mensa proctored testing. 25 years C-Suite experience including 20 years of Entrepreneurial experience.

  • Life member of Mensa
  • Member of Intertel
  • Six Sigma Master Black Belt
  • Creator of the Cipher Method
  • Late in life BS Business Administration/Supply Chain Management & Analytics Magna Cum Laude. The University of Missouri, AACSB accredited.

Ask your current or prospective consultant to show you their IQ certification. Are you getting genius or just highly educated common knowledge from that box everyone says they want to think outside of?

The desire to educate and manage through universal processes has led to an industry standard of mediocrity. Exceptional is overlooked for compliant conformity. And success is limited to minimal investor expectations and terms like good enough.

“Success is measured by holding the majority market share at a profit greater than the competition and trying to improve it. Anything else is failure.”

“Discovering the concept of lean, reduced expenses through imagination supported by math, I was in love.”

Davis Conway

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