Sustainable Solutions

If you are here then you have a goal in mind. These goals often range from 100% renewable resource consumption and 0 waste, to simply appeasing stakeholders and improved public perception.

The goals of appeasing stakeholders or saving operating cost are in reality the same thing. It has been proven time and time again that effective energy management programs and sustainability initiatives have short direct returns on investment and display real social responsibility improvements.

We will work closely with your people to develop a plan that works best for your company. Several sustainable solutions can be done at little to no cost and some are more complex than they seem. Sometimes things like solar panels or wind turbines are just a huge waste of money that could be directed at smaller projects that provide better results.

  • If you think that simply replacing your bulbs with the new LED plug and play bulbs that do not require any fixture alterations is the best option, you may be incorrect.
  • If you think that putting motion detectors in every room is an efficient use of funds, you may be incorrect.
  • If you think spending tons of money on equipment, software, or exotic systems is the best option, you may be incorrect. Regardless of what the stack of paperwork provided by the salesman states.

Yes, changing fluorescent bulbs to LED bulbs will definitely save you money and have a short return on investment, but will it be the maximum return possible?

Our goal is to show the maximum benefit with a direct return on investment of fewer than five years.


  • We discuss your goals.
  • Review the history of your utility bills.
  • Take real-time readings of usage.
  • Evaluate existing machinery.
  • Take thermal and lumen readings.
  • Evaluate current procedures.
  • Manage installations.
  • Submit real data to evaluate expense and expected return.
  • Provide tools (Education) to implement internal sustainability programs.
  • Create information for publication in your annual sustainability report.

As you can see, this is a hands-on process tailored to your specific business.