We provide everything from small repairs to custom smart homes with a 5-year installation warranty.

If you are a contractor or your project has blueprints please email us. We DO NOT do residential work in the CITY of St. Louis at this time. If you live outside St. Louis or Saint Charles Counties please call us to schedule. Otherwise, all St. Louis and Saint Charles County residents please self-schedule online below.

Reality, Pricing, & Scheduling

We do accept PayPal and most major credit cards for a 3% service charge.

The reality of electrical work is that there is no way to tell what is behind your walls and what direction wiring goes or what may be in the way. Every house is unique as a fingerprint, even if they look just like the one next door and all of the same people built both of them. This always results in one of three pricing options.

  1. Bid at the best guess and include several disclaimers that can result in an unknown final cost for the customer. This allows for a low bid and places any risk of the unknown on the customer (even if they are leaving something out on purpose).
  2. Bid to cover the worst-case scenario. The contractor thinks it will cost $2,000.00 but can’t see inside those walls so they imagine the worst possible scenario. Things like plumbing or an HVAC duct in the wall surrounded by insulation or fire stops that could add an extra day of work. So now your bid could be $3,000.00 just because something may or may not be there.
  3. Time and material – You are billed hourly for however long it takes plus whatever they say the materials were and whatever they say the materials cost. Like going to the hospital.

Here is what we do.

  1. You select an available 1 hour time slot online.
  2. You pay $80 at the time of scheduling.
  3. We show up within 15 minutes either way of that time!
  4. If it is determined that your issue can be corrected within an hour we will take care of it and leave. (Any material needed will be an additional charge)
  5. If your needs are expected to exceed an hour we will discuss everything with you, provide a firm bid, and schedule a future date with firm arrival time to complete your work. Your $80.00 will be deducted from the quote if you accept it.

This process ensures that nobody’s time is wasted. If your problem is simple it is corrected at below market price. If your project takes longer than an hour we will explain the process needed so you will fully understand everything involved, what we will and won’t do (We do not patch drywall, paint, etc.), You will obtain a firm price without any hidden cost or exceptions (other than listed below), and get a schedule that does not include wide-ranging possible time frames.

Life happens! We will refund your $80 if you cancel 12 hours before the selected time. Otherwise, we will reschedule at no additional charge. Of course, we may need to reschedule or be delayed due to illness, traffic, or other unexpected things that life throws at us too. We have a 98.7% on-time average.


Things you should know

  • Extra charges – We will only charge above our quote if: 1) We are unable to access the job site or otherwise not able to work during the scheduled time frame for any reason. 2) You or your contractor make any changes to the scope of work or hours it can be done. 3) You supply materials (like light fixtures) that are defective or not on-site when expected. 4) The work is vandalized. 5) Inspectors add to the scope of work. 6) Payment is declined or past due.
  • If your work requires a permit then we will insist on obtaining one.
  • The typical residential service upgrade is between $2,000.00 – $3,000.00
  • You get what you pay for. Unfortunately, we do a lot of work correcting what your cousin, friend, cousin’s friend, or unqualified person off craigslist has done.
  • Installing can lights without attic space above is typically very difficult and costly.
  • Aluminum wiring is safe when installed correctly and properly maintained. All of the horror stories generally come from improper repairs, devices, or poor maintenance.
  • Your ceiling fan needs to have a supporting box rated for a ceiling fan.
  • Several smart switches require a neutral wire to operate properly and you may not have one.
  • In many areas doing work without a permit is a crime and can cause your house to be condemned or your insurance to refuse payment.
  • We do not work on mobile homes, automobiles, or repair appliances.