Energy Management

Utilities and Sustainability

Energy Management Consulting

Lean & Sustainability are dependant ideals. You are unable to achieve either goal without improving both. Without energy management, you can not achieve a completely lean or sustainable company.

We focus on one primary topic, Utilities.

  • Utility monitoring – Through proper utility monitoring we can reduce your utility cost, predict equipment failure, find and monitor production variances or idle time in your processes, and much more.
  • Energy efficiency – We investigate energy efficient solutions that have a short return on investment. This is far beyond someone saying “replace your light bulbs and install motion sensors” because they could be wrong. All of our recommended projects have an estimated 5 years or less return on investment.
  • Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility programs. Saving money through utilities, waste, and energy efficiency should be a perpetual goal with benefits beyond monetary savings. We will help you develop programs that will present robust CSR initiatives to the public and shareholders.
  • Construction – If you are looking for the best facility you can have then we are here for you. From consulting on design to actual construction. We have over 30 years of international construction experience.

To clarify, we are not environmentalist with a singular goal of saving the planet at any cost. We are business people pioneering lean methods to achieve financial goals.

If you want to make your company better, we can do that. Company type does not matter! Healthcare, manufacturing, service, or government.

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Services provided:

  • Energy efficiency and sustainability solutions
  • Electrical and Data Contracting
  • Submetering and Billing services
  • Building Automation

The above image is an old Wonder Bread factory we helped convert into a state of the art school in St. Louis MO.