Lean Solutions

How do you expect to be better than the competition when you behave exactly like the competition? You do not need large consulting firms to send a fleet of people to regurgitate common practice that produces temporary results. You need to find direction and build longterm internal solutions.

Lean Auditing – Don’t assume your lean, ensure your lean.

The primary indicators that you have a problem are when your people say Good Enough, The Way We Have Always Done It, Acceptable, and Industry Standard.

Make sure you are headed in the right direction before you spend money on consultants, new hires, and equipment. Obtain a lean audit and see where you stand before running in circles or the wrong direction.

Before you invest ask to see the company’s certified lean audit.

Lean Seminar – We help everyone understand the concept, direction, and benefits of lean.

95% of the time your existing people are capable of implementing successful lean principles with the proper information and direction.

Primary Consulting – A personal guide to ensure you are as lean as possible.

A Primary Consultant works closely with all levels of your organization to ensure expense and defects are minimized while production or processes are maximized.