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The Cipher Method

Be Better, Not Similar

You can be like everyone else or you can achieve maximum market share at maximum profit. The Cipher Method is a unique perspective on achieving the majority market share through maximum employee output, eliminating process and procedure waste, and continuous improvement. Every company is unique and doing or being like everyone else can only result in similar mediocrity.

The word Cipher has two definitions. The definition we are most familiar with is the one about having a code or key to understand something, and the other definition is simply zero. The Cipher Method is about trying to decipher the answer to operating a successful long term business and reducing all forms of waste to zero.

Davis Conway Consulting. Unlike other consultants that simply churn out one size fits all packages to every customer, we customize for every customer. We are not like other consultants you call in for this or that singular problem, we are a complete operations consulting firm. We provide seminars, evaluations, and primary consulting. In other words, we help you help yourself.


  • Cipher Method
  • Lean Processes
  • Project Management
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Human Resources
  • Cipher Accounting
  • Energy Management and Building Automation

If you want to make your company better, we can do that. Company type does not matter. Availability limited.