Are you curious about all of these new business terms being thrown around? Does your company seem to spend all of its time putting out fires instead of advancing? Are you simply looking to make things better?

Read this short paper to help understand what lean is. Please read before you hire anyone. Free What is Lean download

Lean is more than a statement & energy efficiency is more than installing LED bulbs and motion sensors.

We are a unique consulting company that provides lean changeover (sensei) services, lean education, and utility management.

(636) 294-7203 or davis@davisconway.com

Besides 20 years of specialty electrical construction, we are a leader in understanding how utilities play a major role in lean methods.

  • Predict equipment failure
  • Monitor production efficiency
  • Monitor employee efficiency
  • Help identify variances or predict bottlenecks
  • Improve Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) perception through sustainability.
  • Reduce utility cost

Services provided:

  • Lean improvement solutions
  • Electrical and Data Contracting
  • Submetering and Billing services
  • Energy efficiency solutions
  • Lean sensei consulting (very limited availability)

The above image is an old Wonder Bread factory we helped convert into a state of the art school in St. Louis MO.